• Wilmington, DE
  • usa

The Redcoats are coming! 

We are happy to be returning to Wilmington, Delaware on June 12, 2025 with a new event we call Born on the 4th of July.

 Learning Extravaganza will bring the Revolutionary War to life in the way that only we can. Learners will experience firsthand what is was like to be a solider and a citizen during the war.

This event will make heavy use of virtual reality and live actors. Learners will be transported back in time to experience history as it happended. This event will be indoors, and virtual reality headsets will be provided free of charge, courtesy of Amoeba Learning!

Parents, home facilitators, and learning journey mentors, please be advised that due to the nature of this event there will be mock battles, though there will be no blood and learners will not participate.